About Us

Shafi Hai is a tobacconist who has been in the cigar industry for more than 30 years! Shafi is the owner of Scottish Tobacco, one of the Premier Cigar Lounges in Atlanta!

Growing up in Bangladesh, home to a vibrant tobacco industry, he became fascinated with the art and science of cigar making. When he moved to the U.S. with his family in the 1990s, he decided to pursue his dream. After successfully launching & running Scottish Tobacco, Shafi opened Churchill Fine Cigars to serve customers in the North Metro area of Atlanta. He created an elegant, upscale environment where guests can escape the stress of the day to enjoy a relaxing moment with a fine cigar. Shafi welcomes your requests for specialty cigars, and will do everything possible to find the cigars you most want to smoke and share.

On weekends and around holidays, if you are lucky, you just might run into some NBA/NFL players or celebrities like Steve Harvey at Scottish enjoying a fine cigar with Shafi… so stop by and let Shafi and his associates indulge your fine cigar appetite. Scottish holds multiple events around the year with various specials; therefore, keep an eye out on the events section so that u don’t miss out those fun events.




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